Thursday, November 12, 2020


Altitude 105 m (345 feet). 71,500 inhabitants

Built in the years 1935/37 as a center for studies and aircraft construction designed by Giorgio Calza Bini (1908/99), Giuseppe Nicolosi (1901/81) and Gino Cancellotti (1890/1987)

It is named after General Alessandro Guidoni first gold medal ever in the military Italian air-force. He died in 1928 in a parachute accident

The town was badly damaged during World War Two

It is home to the SCUOLA SUPERIORE DI AERONAUTICA (Specialized School of Aeronautics)

Between Guidonia and the Cornicolani Mountains there is the PARCO NATURALE REGIONALE DELL’INVIOLATA (Inviolata Regional Natural Park)

Centro Agroalimentare Roma

Rome Main Wholesale Market of Food and Agricultural Produce

It opened in 2002 in replacement of the old General Markets on Via Ostiense with function of sorting supply of fruit, vegetables and fish in Rome

Two parallel buildings hangar-type of equal size in the middle with a "central core" built as a corner and at both ends areas for farmers to display their produce

The two buildings, called East and West, are placed opposite each other, for a total area of ​​over 45,000 m² (11 acres) and in each there are two rows of 30 boxes, each for a total of 120 commercial boxes

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