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Altitude 225 m (1,070 feet). 12,000 inhabitants

Medieval village located in between some tuffaceous ridges

In 1279 it was granted as a fief to the Orsini family who in 1661 sold it to the Chigi

Since 1997 the area of ​​the town is home to the sports center of the glorious S.S. Lazio, the first football team in Rome

Palazzo Chigi

Chigi Palace

Mentioned in the sources for the first time in the eleventh century

Restored and modifed in 1663 by Felice Della Greca (1626/77) for the Chigi family: he raised it with one extra floor and changed the façade

Restored in the 1980s

S. Lorenzo

St. Lawrence

Mentioned in the sources for the first time in 1033

Bell tower of the fifteenth century, covered with zinc in 1677

1574 restoration and construction of the side naves



"Virgin Mary enthroned with Child and Saints" and "Exaltation of the Cross" about 1575 maybe by Donato Palmieri aka Donato da Formello (about 1550/about 1580)

S. Michele Arcangelo

St. Michael the Archangel

Known since 1236. Deconsecrated

Romanesque bell tower and traces of thirteenth-century frescoes in the nave

Villa Chigi

Chigi Villa

1666/74 Carlo Fontana (1634/1714) for the Cardinal Flavio Chigi

Also known as Villa Versaglia. Now it is in ruins

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