Thursday, November 12, 2020


Altitude 475 m (1,560 feet). 1,000 inhabitants

From the twelfth century it belonged to the Orsini family, from the seventeenth century to the Borghese family

Museo Oraziano

Museum of Horatius

In the PALAZZO BARONALE (Baron's Palace) with materials from the nearby Villa di Orazio:

Parts of frescoes, mosaics, vases, pottery, oil lamps, keys, surgical instruments, brick with trademarks, architectural and sculptural fragments

Villa di Orazio

Horatius’ Villa

On a small plateau at the base of Colle Rotondo (Round Hill)

It was donated by Maecenas to Quintus Horatius Flaccus in 33/32 BC

It was cultivated by eight slaves and a head farmer (vilicus)

It was divided into three parts: the house to the north, a large square portico to the south and a bathing complex to the west

The baths part was transformed into a monastery in the eighth century

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