Saturday, November 7, 2020


Altitude 428 m (1,400 feet). 6,700 inhabitants

Between the Aniene River and its tributary Fosso of Empiglione

Documented by the tenth century as Castrum S. Angeli

It got its current name after Margaret of Austria, the daughter of Charles V, lived here in the sixteenth century

Churches of S. SEBASTIANO (St. Sebastian) with frescoes attributed to the school of the Zuccari brothers and S. MICHELE (St. Michael) 1775, above the previous church founded in the fifteenth century, with works by Luigi Agricola (about 1750/after 1801)

Castello Orsini

Orsini Castle

Built shortly before the year 1000

Rebuilt in 1308 for Riccardo and Poncello Orsini after being destroyed by the inhabitants of Tivoli in 1123

Renovated in the sixteenth century for Cardinal Ippolito de’ Medici and later for Margaret of Austria

From 1635 until 1830 it belonged to the Marquises Pallavicino of Busseto

In 1935 it was acquired by the municipality

It was restored in 1995

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