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Altitude 576 m (1,890 feet). 8,800 inhabitants

It was dominion of the Annibaldi family first, then of the Colonna family until 1575, of the Cardinal Altemps until 1613 and eventually it became property of the Cardinal Scipione Borghese Caffarelli (1577/1633)

Palazzo Annibaldeschi

Annibaldeschi Palace

1500s, recently restored

Today it houses the BIBLIOTECA COMUNALE (Municipal Library) e la BIBLIOTECA NAZIONALE DELLA FILOSOFIA ITALIANA (National Library of Italian Philosophy) with about 20,000 volumes

S. Maria Assunta in Cielo

St. Mary of the Assumption

Built at the beginning of the thirteenth century as S. Brigida (St. Bridget)

Rebuilt in the years 1630/33 for the Cardinal Scipione Borghese Caffarelli

Maybe completed by Carlo Rainaldi (1611/91) with the façade and the bell tower

Expanded in 1876 with new transept, dome and apse by Luca Carimini (1830/90)

Restored during the years 1900/01

On the front door "Death of St. Francis" by Domenico Crespi aka Passignano (1559/1638) and "Madonna with Child and Saints" by Francesco Vanni (about 1563/1610)


"Assumption" by Pietro Gagliardi (1809/90)

Convento di S. Silvestro

Convent of St. Sylvester

Just outside Montecompatri

Founded around the year 1450

Restored in late 1600s maybe by Carlo Rainaldi (1611/91) for the Discalced Carmelites


Nine canvas with "Stories of the Virgin Mary and St. Teresa of Avila" all painted in the second half of the seventeenth century by Lucas De La Haye aka Luca Fiammingo (second half of the eighteenth century) who used to belong to the order of the Carmelites

Inside ART GALLERY with paintings by mannerists, Caravaggio and seventeenth-century painters, including "Penitent Magdalene" and "Agony in the Garden" about 1660 by Giovanni Domenico Cerrini (1609/81)

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