Thursday, November 12, 2020


Altitude 343 m (1,125 feet). 3,500 abitanti

The smallest town by area in the province of Rome, 3.5 km² (1,35 square miles) with an ugly looking water tank overlooking the ancient houses, known popularly as er dindarolo (the money-box)

In Roman times it was known as Labico Quintanense and here took refuge the inhabitants of Labico after the defeat suffered by the dictator Quintus Servilius Prisco in 414 BC

CASTLE, formerly owned by the Colonna family, who was originally from here

S. Nicola di Bari

St. Nicholas of Bari

1757/71 Clemente Orlandi (1694/1775), a pupil of Luigi Vanvitelli, for Prince Niccolò Pallavicini


"Madonna and Child with Angels" 1759 by Carlo Ciappini

Walls of the presbytery rebuilt and painted after the bombing of the Allied Forces during World War Two with "Annunciation" in the center, "St. Nicholas calming the storm" on the right and “St. Nicholas protector of Colonna” on the left 1945 by Duilio Cambellotti (1876/1960)

Huge valve of a shell used as a stoup

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