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Altitude 300 m (984 feet). 4,000 inhabitants

It corresponds to the ancient Varia often mentioned by Horace as close to his own villa

There are remarkable remains of the WALLS of the third/second century BC

Tempietto di S. Giacomo

Small Temple of St. James

1454 Domenico da Capodistria, with the upper part completed in 1465 by Giovanni Duknovich aka Giovanni Dalmata (about 1440/1510)

Octagonal in Gothic-Renaissance style with rich GATE richly adorned of beautiful bas-reliefs

It was built to keep the mortal remains of Cardinal Giacomo Orsini Prince of Vicovaro who was excommunicated by Urban VI (1378/89) for voting against him in the conclave and executed

The temple was dedicated to him by his mother Isabella Savelli, by his brothers and by the anti-pope Clement VII from Avignon

Above the altar "Madonna of Vicovaro" about 1738 by Giacomo Triga (1674/1746), a pupil of Benedetto Luti

S. Pietro

St. Peter

1755 Girolamo Theodoli (1677/1766)

Palazzo Cenci-Bolognetti

Cenci-Bolognetti Palace

Built from 1693 above the old residence of the Orsini family of the fifteenth century

Monument to Caius Menio Basso

3 km (1.8 miles) towards Rome

Mid first century AD, tomb of a Roman military tribune who was born in Tivoli

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