Saturday, November 7, 2020


Altitude 399 m (1,300 feet). 9,800 inhabitants

It’s made out of two sections, a modern one and a medieval one

It has almost always been a feud of the Colonna family

S. Carlo

St. Charles

Built in the years 1615/40

Restored in the years 1964/67

Stuccos inside 1672 by Francesco Nuvolone (second half of the seventeenth century)

VAULT "Vision of the chariot of fire", DOME "Glory of the Franciscan Order" and APSE "Glory of St. Charles” late seventeenth century by Angelo Alerii


"Apparition of the Virgin Mary of Caravaggio" by Giuseppe Puglia aka Bastaro (about 1600/36)

S. Stefano

St. Stephan

1750/77 Nicola Fagioli, a pupil of Luigi Vanvitelli

Paintings above the altars and in the vault by the Polish artist Tadeusz Kuntze aka Taddeo il Polacco (1732/93)

Mostra permanente della civiltà contadina

Permanent exhibition of rural culture

It documents life at home, work in the fields and the local craft with about 1,200 items of the end of the nineteenth century

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