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District east of Acilia and west of Vitinia, part of the Municipality of Rome

It was founded in 1960 under the name Villaggio INA Casa (Village of the INA Building Society) named after the building complex built at the time

The current name is derived from a farmhouse belonging to the Bernocchi counts

S. Pier Damiani

St. Peter Damian

1970 Attilio Spaccarelli  (1890/1975)

It was consecrated only in 2002 due to problems of stability due to infiltrations of water

S. Pio da Pietrelcina

St. Pio of Pietrelcina

2007/10 Alessandro Anselmi, Valentino Anselmi and Valerio Palmieri part of the study SAA & A (Architecture Studio Anselmi & Associates)

Padre Pio was canonized by John Paul II on June 16th 2002

The total area of ​​the impressive structure is 2,995 m² (32,200 square feet), of which 800 m² (8,600 square feet) are allocated to the liturgical hall and the remaining areas are outdoor spaces and other premises used for the various activities of the parish

"The façade, with its large glazed entrance, has a tripartite division determined by the roof, counterpart of the back façade, where the only curve is a single curvilinear sign. This simultaneous conception of ‘one and three’ gives the plan a strong religious characterization. In this regard, the architect remembers 'personally, during the competition, in a conceptual drawing representing the covered area I wrote in the margins of the paper, in order to explain it: the relationship between the manifold and the one" (Davide Rota -

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