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Altitude 9 m (29 feet). 95,000 inhabitants

Chiesa Regina Pacis

Regina Pacis Church

Piazza Regina Pacis 13

1924/28 Giulio Magni (1859/1930) grandson of Giuseppe Valadier

"An extreme example of an architectural practice with no outbursts, achieving a sort of unmannerist solemnity, where the façade tops the monumental access staircase with a large windowed arch, reminiscent of windows of ancient Roman baths, a theme which appears to be one a favorite one among the projects for the Lido of Rome at the beginning of the century" (Giuseppe Strappa)

Colonia Marina

Seaside Holiday Camp

Lungomare Paolo Toscanelli 176/188

1932 Vincenzo Fasolo (1885/1969)

Palazzina in Piazza Duca di Genova

Apartments Building in Piazza Duca di Genova

Piazza Duca di Genova 5

1932/37 Luigi Moretti (1907/73)

Palazzo del Governatorato

Palace of the Governorate

Piazza Regina Pacis

1926 Vincenzo Fasolo (1885/1969)

Quartiere INA Casa “Stella Polare”

INA Home "Polar Star" Neighborhood

Piazza Alberto Alessio/Piazza G.B. Bottero/Via Giuseppe Andrè

 1949/54 Mario De Renzi (1897/1967) and Saverio Muratori (1910/73)

Stabilimento Kursaal

Kursaal Bathing Establishment

Lungomare Lutazio Catulo 36/40

1950 designed by Attilio La Padula (1917/81) and expanded by Pier Luigi Nervi (1891/1979) who designed the circular cover shaped as a mushroom and the large circular trampoline

Tor S. Michele

St. Michael’s Tower

Via degli Atlantici 70

 1568 from a project maybe by Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475/1564), executed by Giovanni Lippi aka Nanni di Baccio Bigio (about 1513/68)

Fortress commissioned by Pius IV Medici (1559/65) and built under the reign of Pius V Ghislieri (1566/72)

It was used for military purposes by both Germans and Americans during the Second World War

Nearby is the MONUMENT TO PIER PAOLO PASOLINI 2005 di Mario Rosati (1936)

Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922/75) was a great Italian poet, writer, director, screenwriter and playwright, brutally murdered here on the night of November 1st 1975

Ufficio Postale

Post Office

Piazzale della Posta 1

 1934 Angiolo Mazzoni Del Grande (1894/1979)

"Some of his buildings, in particular the Colonia Marina (Seaside Holiday Camp) in Tirrenia and the Post Office in Latina were hailed as the first executed examples of futuristic architecture, but perhaps his best works are the Post Offices of Sabaudia and Abetone. Of some interest it is also the first project for the new Termini Station which later Mazzoni was forced to entirely revise as more academic and monumental. The Post Office of Ostia is a building, perhaps not completely finalized, in which the main idea is represented by the round crown of the large cantilever roof, a recurring theme in the architecture of Mazzoni, which in this case is also a typological innovation" (Piero Ostilio Rossi)

Villini per la Società Tirrena

 Small Villas for the Tirrena Company

1932/34 Adalberto Libera (1903/63)

They were built following a competition in 1932 to design fifteen villas in Ostia. The execution of the projects, however, were not determined by the results of the competition


Via S. Fiorenzo 2

Three floors for six apartments


Piazzale Magellano 14

Three floors for six apartments


Viale della Vittoria 34 e 43

Five floors for ten apatments

"They all bear witness to the particular research Libera developed in those years on some specific compositional themes: the architectural definition of the covering (see the solutions of the top floors and in particular the one of Type C), the rounding of the corner surfaces (again Type C and especially the large balconies of Type A), the presence of highly dynamic details (the lugs of the balconies on the side of the Villas B and C). The tallest houses (Type C) appear on the whole the most significant also for the essential distribution of rooms and for the uncomplicated construction" (Piero Ostilio Rossi)

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