Monday, November 16, 2020


Altitude 484 m (1,590 feet). 5,000 inhabitants

Agricultural village famous for the leather craft at the center of an area rich in iron no longer extracted

Among the historic buildings, the CHIESA DELLA MADONNA DELLA ROCCA (Church of Our Lady of the Rock) e il PALAZZO DEI PRIORI (Palace of the Priors)

Santuario della Madonna della Sughera

Shrine of Our Lady of Sughera

Built for Agostino Chigi (1466/1520) who had a monopoly in the extraction of alum in this area



1100, damaged in 1799 by Napoleon's troops who choked in blood the rebellion of the Tolfa peasants

The outer walls and the round tower of the fourteenth century built by the Frangipane family are kept

Former Capuchin Monastery

Beautiful cloister of the sixteenth century

It houses the MUSEO CIVICO (Civic Museum) with many Etruscan artifacts

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