Monday, November 16, 2020


Altitude 825 m (3,000 feet). 400 inhabitants

It is a resort area in the summer, known for the production of objects made out of beech wood

Santuario della SS. Trinità

Sanctuary of the Holy Trinity

1,137 m (3,700 feet), about 8km (5 miles) from Vallepietra

It was built during the fifth century AD above ancient ruins and partly dug into the rock at the foot of the vertical wall of 300 m of COLLE DELLA TAGLIATA (1,662 meters - 5,450 feet), east end of MONTE AUTORE (1,853 meters - 6,080 feet) the highest peak in the province of Rome

Numerous frescos, some faded. The most important dates back to the twelfth century: "Holy Trinity" with three identical figures (the only one in Italian iconography) in the act of blessing, while holding the Gospel open with the left hand

The Feast of the Holy Trinity takes place on the Sunday after Pentecost with processions and the canto delle zitelle (singing of the spinsters)

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