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Altitude 508 m (1,670 feet). 920 inhabitants

The village is mentioned in the sources for the first time in 832. It belonged in the tenth century to the Abbey of S. Cosimato and later to the Abbey of Subiaco

In the thirteenth century it belonged to the Count Conrad of Antioch who added "Corrado" to the name of the city

It is famous for the beauty of women and it was a favorite destination of artists since 1875 including Adolfo De Carolis (1874/1928), Giulio Aristide Sartorio (1860/1932), Ferruccio Ferrazzi (1891/1978), Angelo Zanelli (1879/1942), Luigi Pirandello, his son the painter Fausto Pirandello (1899/1975) and the Austrian Oskar Kokoschka (1886/1980)

It was especially popular during the period between the two world wars but even today there are more than 50 artists' studios

Piazza delle Ville

Fountain "Noah's Ark" by Arturo Martini (1889/1947)

To the left small CHURCH OF St. PETER of the eleventh century

Mosaic floor and original frescoes of the thirteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth century, including those in the first chapel on the left, the CHAPEL OF Sts. COSMAS AND DAMIAN, by two anonymous peasant painters inspired by the now disappeared frescoes of Piero della Francesca in the Stanza della Segnatura in the Vatican and in the Chapel of Sts. Michael and Peter in Chains in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore

Municipal Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

In the PALAZZETTO BRANCACCIO, the small palace of the Brancaccio family

It opened in 1935 and it was reorganized in 1985 on two floors

It was donated by Prince Marcantonio Brancaccio and completed in 2001

More than 200 paintings, sculptures and drawings by artists active here: Giuseppe Capogrossi (1900/72), Arturo Martini (1889/1947), Fausto Pirandello (1899/1975), the Spanish poet and also painter Rafael Alberti (1902/99), Ercole Drei (1886/1973), Adolfo De Carolis (1874/1928), Felice Carena (1879/1966), Consalvo Carelli (1818/1900), Aligi Sassu (1912/2000), Emilio Greco (1913/95), Emilio Vedova (1919/2006), Emanuele Cavalli (1904/81), Ivan Meštrović (1883/1962) and others

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