Thursday, November 12, 2020


Altitude 800 m (2,620 feet). 1,400 inhabitants

The original core of the town was just a Lombard defensive structure of the ninth century with the name of Castrum Montis Falconis

The current village was founded in 1575 near the parish church of Pieve S. Martino, by the Cardinal Flavio Orsini, who gathered here the ones who emigrated from Marcetelli

In 1644 the estate passed to the Barberini family and later to the Colonna family

The CASTELLO THEODOLI (Theodoli Castle) dates back to the tenth century

S. Maria Assunta

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

"Tabernacle" of the fifteenth century brought here from Rome

Monte Pellecchia

Pellecchia Mountain

1,368 m (4,490 feet) the highest peak of the Monti Lucretili consists of a ridge with two peaks: Colle Pietropaolo and Pizzo Pellecchia

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