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Altitude 1,218 m (4,000 feet). 55 abitanti

It is the highest town of the Lazio region, in the municipality of Capranica Prenestina, placed on top of MOUNT GUADAGNOLO the highest peak of the Prenestini Mountains

It is a holiday center with breathtaking views

At the center of town "Bronze Statue of the Redeemer" 1976 by Elverio Veroli (1931)

Santuario della Mentorella

Mentorella Sanctuary

1,030 m (3,380 feet) above the sea level

It is one of the oldest sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary with origins linked to St. Eustace, local martyr, and St. Benedict

It maybe dates back to the sixth century. It is mentioned by reliable sources for the first time in the tenth century when a local noblewoman gave it to the Benedictine monks who remained here until the fifteenth century

Since then various commendators succeeded and decline eventually took place, until 1857 when it passed to the Polish Resurrectionists Fathers


Twelfth century, rebuilt in the seventeenth century

Main altar with ciborium of 1305 and wooden statue of "Madonna with Child" of the thirteenth century

Chapel to the right of the choir "Table of carved oak" of the twelfth century with religious ceremony in the presence of a deer with Christ between the horns, as He appeared to St. Eustace


Built in the eighteenth century for Anastasio Kircher. On top of the stairs there is the Chapel of St. Eustace, under which there is a cave that housed St. Benedict

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