Monday, November 16, 2020


Altitude 768 m (2,520 feet). 11,000 inhabitants

It belonged to the Annibaldi family, to the Savellis and eventually passed to the Camera Apostolica (Apostolic Chamber) in the late 1500s

The village is surrounded by wonderful chestnut trees

Baronial Palace

Formerly Rocca Savelli (Fortress of the Savelli family), now it is the Town Hall

It was rebuilt in 1880 by Virginio Vespignani (1808/82)

S. Maria Assunta in Cielo

St. Mary of the Assumption

It was built at the end of the fifteenth century for the Savelli family on the spot which tradition assigns to the TEMPLE OF GODDESS FORTUNA

Interior restructured in 1914, exterior in 1930

Transept and apse date back to the fifteenth century

Fresco in the apse painted in 1970

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