Thursday, November 12, 2020


Altitude 97 m (318 feet). 9,000 inhabitants

Town mentioned in the sources for the first time in the eleventh century

It was a duchy of the Orsini, Sforza, Ludovisi and Ottoboni families


Medieval fortress expanded in 1493 by Nicholas III Orsini

The Duke of Fiano, Marco Ottoboni, at the end of the seventeenth century completed the castle as a rectangle, adding the wing facing the Capena Gate and Via Roma

In this castle there is a harmonious intertwining of the three typical elements of architecture for Italian castle: walls, keep and palace

S. Stefano Nuovo

St. Stephen New

Second half of the fifteenth century

Restorations in 1774


Two paintings "Crucifixion" and "St. John the Baptist "of the fourteenth century detached from the ruined church of S. Maria ad Pontem

"Sarcophagus of Nicholas III Orsini" 1510

CHAPEL OF THE ANNUNCIATION (formerly Orsini Chapel)

Wooden board with "Salvator Mundi" and on the sides frescoes of “Angels” probably by the School of Pinturicchio


Fresco "Virgin Mary with Sts. John the Baptist, Stephen, Peter and Blaise" by Antonio Del Massaro aka Antonio da Viterbo or Pastura (about 1450/1516)


"Sarcophagus of Pietro Gregorio Boncompagni Ludovisi"

"Bell" cast in 1278 by Guidotto da Pisa dedicated to St. Martin

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